Electronic Invoices

E-invoicing (Invoices) - Step 1: Pagadito: Online Payment Services

Input your invoice details and
information that you would
like to send your client.

E-invoicing (Invoices) - Step 2: Pagadito: Online Payment Services

Send Payment Request- electronic
invoices to your clients via email
even if you don´t have e-commerce
capabilities on your website.

E-invoicing (Invoices) - Step 3: Pagadito: Online Payment Services

The client pays the Payment
Request - electronic invoice with a
credit or debit card. Receive all your
payments online - It’s that easy!

Use our Payment Request - electronic invoice and pay
with credit and debit card.

Receive online payments for your products or professional services by sending
Payment Request- electronic invoice via email with a pay now button.

Hotels, Hostels, Auto Repairs, Hardware Stores and all other local
businesses now can expand their markets and sell to more clients.

Freelancers and professionals in our region now can receive their
payments online the Simple, Fast, and Safe way!

E-invoicing (invoices) - Pagadito: Online Paymet Services

5% transactional commission (max)