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Restricted activities in Pagadito

I.        General

This annex describes the prohibited activities and those that need special authorization within Pagadito. Besides, it determines the consequences of violations of these and other policies of Pagadito.

The Pagadito User must comply with all laws relating to the use of Pagadito, the Agreements and Terms of Use and other Pagadito policies and the different rules described in this section.


II.        Restrictions to the use of Pagadito

It is strictly forbidden to use Pagadito to:

  1. Infringe any law, or rule relating to the use of Pagadito;
  2. Sell products without being their owner;
  3. Sell drugs, steroids, and any article or compound that is harmful to the Purchaser’s health;
  4. Infringe laws or regulations regarding the sale of tobacco products, pharmaceuticals and prescription items.
  5. Sell products inducing to activities against the law or that encourage violence, discrimination and profit through a crime;
  6. Put up for sale any products that violate copyright or any other intellectual or industrial property rights;
  7. Offer lewd products or of a sexual nature;
  8. Sell firearms and / or accessories and other items prohibited by law;
  9. Sell travelers checks and / or money orders;
  10. Perform collections on the name of other sellers through payment processors;
  11. Offer credit repair or debt settlement;
  12. Involve currency exchange or check cashing services.
  13. Promote schemes such as pyramids or Ponzi schemes, matrixes, or similar;
  14. Establish lotteries, annuities, stocks of shopping, and operations that finance debts with funds from a credit or debit card;
  15. Provide Personal Information to third parties violating applicable law;
  16. Offer products or services with a high probability of being fraudulent by the standards of the respective authorities;
  17. Establish any kind of betting, gaming, lottery, casinos, which require payment of an entrance fee and offer the chance to win a premium, and the like, unless the User has been granted permission by government authorities from its country and Pagadito.


III.        Sanctions

Pagadito shall  limit access or cancel the Pagadito Account when the above rules are infringed, the Agreements and Terms of Use and other policies of Pagadito are violated and especially when any of the following situations occur:Reports of unauthorized use of a credit or debit card, related to the Account, incurred either by the User or third parties.
Reports from credit bureaus warning of alarming levels of risk.

  • Reports of unauthorized use of a credit or debit card, related to the Account, incurred either by the User or third parties.
  • Reports from credit bureaus warning of alarming levels of risk.
  • Complaints against any Pagadito User associated with not sending products, services were not provided, the receipt of products other than those described or problems with the products shipped, or any other valid in Pagadito’s criterion.
  • High charges and / or cancellation of funds using Pagadito mechanisms.
  • High number of claims and / or complaints regarding an account.
  • Carry out operations that are or may be cash advances or assisting therefor.
  • Use Pagadito to sell counterfeit goods or facilitating such sale.
  • Perform, attempt, or appear to do, money laundering and financing terrorism.
  • Send or receive funds that are or may be fraudulent.
  • Reject an electronic funds transfer for lack of these in the credit or debit card.
  • Failure to use the Claims Settlement Mechanism that Pagadito offers before processing any complaint process with the issuing bank.
  • Misuse of the Claims Settlement Mechanism.
  • Misuse of the process to cancel the Purchasing User issuing bank.
  • Total or partial refusal to cooperate in investigations conducted by Pagadito.
  • Send e-mail or post links to web sites without authorization.
  • Have more than one Pagadito Account of the same type.
  • Use the Pagadito Account for fraud.
  • Hide the User's identity using a proxy server.
  • Provide the wrong identification number or account number
  • Differences between the bank account, credit or debit card Holder’s name related to Pagadito and the Pagadito Account Holder’s name.
  • Violate copyright and other Pagadito intellectual property and advertising or any third party.
  • Infringe laws, rules or contracts.

If the limitation is concerning a specific transaction, only the access to the funds related to such transaction will be restricted.

In case of cancelling or limiting the Account either partially or totally, as a consequence of the sale of a prohibited or restricted product, the User owner of the Account will be notified and he/she will be asked to provide information about such account. Pagadito shall investigate the problem promptly. If from such investigation no reason is found to limit or close the account, access to the account will be restored immediately. If from the investigation, there are grounds for limiting or closing the account, Pagadito may reimburse the funds it deems appropriate,  in its sole discretion, and may restore access to the rest of the account; it may continue to limit access to the account for an additional period of 180 days maximum, or it may close the account notifying the User by notification in which case a check might be sent in the amount of funds found in the account unless the funds are proceeds from prohibited items less other costs incurred.