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Claims Settlement Mechanisms

There are two types of mechanisms for Claims Settlement offered by Pagadito for the settlement of problems with processed transactions.

First, there is the Claims Settlement Mechanism for the resolution of problems related to accreditation or payment of funds to the Pagadito User Account or any type of inconvenience related to deadlines for the implementation of a service offered by Pagadito and Second, the Claims Settlement Mechanism for problems with the purchase transactions processed by Pagadito to be put into practice through a Pagadito Comercio.

In all cases, when accepting these policies, Pagadito Users agree to use the Claims Settlement Mechanism that Pagadito offers before initiating any actions with the bank that issued his/her card or bring any type administrative or judicial claim, under penalty of receiving a surcharge of  US$50.00.

I.     Claims Settlement Mechanism for inconveniences in Pagadito

This section describes the mechanisms available for resolving problems related to accreditation or payment of funds to the Pagadito User Account or any inconvenience related to deadlines for the implementation of a service offered by Pagadito

Terms and causation

After satisfying the deadlines for accreditation or credit to the User's Account in accordance with the Pagadito Policies, the User has a term of 15 calendar days from the time the funds were credited or debited in his/her account or credit or debit card or from the day the User considers that Pagadito had to credit the Funds but did not do so, to submit his/her disagreement to Pagadito. After this period of time has elapsed without any claim by the User, it shall be understood that the User tacitly accepts the payment to his/her entire satisfaction, and if the User considers that he/she was not credited the funds which had to be accredited, the deadline for such claims will not expire. In all cases of disagreement, the User shall activate the "Claims Settlement Mechanism" implemented by Pagadito. Pagadito shall provide a solution to the complaints within a maximum of 3 business days.


II.    Claims Settlement Mechanism for inconveniences in Pagadito Comercios

This section describes the mechanisms available for resolving problems with purchasing transactions processed by Pagadito made through a Pagadito Comercio.

It is important to note that Pagadito is an Internet payment processor for the Pagadito Comercios; therefore, it is not responsible for transactions between the Pagadito Comercios and their Purchasers, but these are the only ones responsible for compliance with their obligations, especially for the delivery of the products and services to the purchaser by the Pagadito Comercio.

Terms and causation

The purchaser may at any time file a complaint with Pagadito for the following reasons:

1)    The Pagadito Comercios has failed to deliver the product or service within the time established in the publication or within the time agreed by the parties.

2)    The Pagadito Comercios made a delivery of a product in different conditions to those offered in the publication or provided the service under different conditions to those described in the publication.

Moreover, a person other than the User may file a complaint to Pagadito for an unauthorized transaction and charges made to his/her credit or debit card.

Mechanisms and procedures

The Purchaser must complete the Claim Form completing all fields as requested such as transaction ID (provided in the payment notification for a product or service through Pagadito), describe his/her disagreement and attach any appropriate evidence to support his argument.

Upon receipt of the claim and after the transaction is verified, Pagadito shall contact the Pagadito Comercio so that  within a period of time no longer than 2 business days it may present its version of the facts and attach any appropriate evidence to support its argument. Should the Pagadito Comercio not reply within the deadline without good cause, the complaint against him shall be presumed accepted.

Once both versions are analyzed and received, Pagadito shall make a final decision without appeal, in no later than 3 business days, of which it shall inform the Purchaser and the Pagadito Comercio.

If it is found that the Purchaser is right, the Pagadito Comercio shall reimburse, within a period no later than 2 business days, the full amount the Purchaser paid for the product so that Pagadito may reimburse the Purchaser, plus a surcharge of $ 25.00 in concept of default. Pagadito will reimburse the Purchaser upon receipt of a scanned Proof of Shipment back to the Pagadito Comercio of the product that generated the claim, if there is proof the Purchaser received said product. Failure to receive the funds, Pagadito may automatically debit such amount from the credit or debit card associated, for which the User expressly authorizes Pagadito in advance.

In case it is ruled in favor of the Pagadito Comercios, the claimant User must agree to the resolution.

If the User bound by the decision does not comply with the decision, Pagadito reserves the right to suspend or terminate his/her account and to publish an objective comment on the behavior of the Pagadito Comercio.

Final Considerations

In the event that despite the claims settlement mechanism, one or more Users or any third party initiate any claims or legal actions against one or more Users, each and every one of the Users involved in such claims or actions will hold Pagadito and its directors, officers, employees, agents, operators, representatives and attorneys harmless from all responsibility.