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Types of Users and Accounts

I.          General

This document outlines the types of Users that can use Pagadito services and types of Pagadito accounts available. These policies are an integral part of the Agreements and Terms of Use of Pagadito; therefore, through the acceptance of the Pagadito Agreements and Terms of Use at the time of registration, the User agrees to the policies contained herein.


II.           Accounts

All Pagadito accounts allow Users to send and receive payments. However, to provide a better service Pagadito enables the following types of accounts:

1.     Pagadito Personal Account or eWallet

This account is available to anyone who registers with Pagadito, i.e. for people who want to use their account to make purchases in any Pagadito Comercio, provided they meet the corresponding requirements such as the provision of personal data.

2.   Pagadito Comercios Account

Account Users who are Holders of a Company, i.e. individual traders and companies, which have a Pagadito Comercio, shall have access to this type of account. For more information see Policies of Use for Pagadito Comercios.

The owners or managers can create specific access to other people according to the information they needed.

Users may have a Pagadito Personal Account and a Pagadito Business Account. Furthermore, they may add to their accounts more email addresses, Debit or Credit Cards and bank accounts, but each account must have at least one email address and one means of payment.