Open your Pagadito Account

Use Pagadito to make and receive online payments, transfer money and withdrawl funds in local bank accounts, send invoices or use it as a payment gateway.

You can choose between these two types of accounts:

Pagadito for <strong>People</strong>

Pagadito for People

 Pagadito <strong>Merchants</strong>

Pagadito Merchants

Creating Pagadito
for People account will let you:

  • Send and receive funds between Pagadito Accounts in your country:
    Central America, Panama, Dominican Republic and United States.
  • Buy from our list of Merchants [See Directory]
  • Sell online: Intermall and Subelotodo

Enrolling to Pagadito will allow your business to:

  • Receive payments on your own website.
  • Register as an Individual or Legal entity.
  • Reduce costs per transactions (commissions per transactions are approximately $0.25 + 5%).
  • Receive payments from more than 23 countries on the region.
  • Send Payment Request- Electronic Invoices
  • Withdraw funds on your local banks from:
    Central America, Panama, Dominican Republic and United States.

To register an account, we make a onetime charge of:
$49.99 $1.00 for merchants registered as Individuals and
$199.99 $1.00 for merchants registered as legal entities.

These costs include required documents validation. The commissions per transactions are evaluated individually according of the risk analysis of your business.