Frequently Asqued Questions

 ·        How do I open an eWallet?

Fill in the Regustration form with all the required details, and associate a Valid Credit or Debit Card. (Visa, MasterCard).

 ·        How do I withdraw money?

-       For Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, Panamá, Dominican Republic and United States

You can make money withdrawals from your Pagadito Wallet to any valid bank account you own.


 ·        How can I send and receive money through Pagadito?      

You can send and receive money between valid Pagadito Wallet Accounts. It is very easy, you just need to re charge the account using a valid credit or debit card and choose the money quantity you want to transfer from a Pagadito Wallet Account to another.

·        What is a “Pagadito Comercio”?         

These are validated websites that receive payments from their customers through Pagadito.

How can I open a “Pagadito Comercio”?  

-        Complete the registration form

 Associate a valid Credit or Debit Card (Visa y MasterCard).

Send all the required documentation

·        How much does a “Pagadito Comercio” cost?

You pay a one-time fee for account validation and activation.

The cost for individuals is US$49.99, for legal entities is US$199.99.