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Registration Policy

Any individual person or company wishing to use the services of Pagadito must register on the site and activate an account. It is understood that the word User is used to describe both an individual person as well as a company, unless specified differently in some cases within this electronic document.

I.            Registration

The User shall determine the modality in which his account will be used: A Personal Pagadito Account or a Pagadito Commercial Account. For details on related charges and operations, see Charges.

To register in a Pagadito Account the Users must provide their name, home address, email address, credit or debit card number, and expiration date of the card, among other information.

The username of a Pagadito Account will be the email used during registration. The user must also choose a password to access and confirm your Pagadito Account, as well as accept payments. This password must be known only by the user, making him responsible for the use of the account.

The cost for registering with the selected Pagadito Account will depend on the type of account chosen. For details related to the charges and operation, see Charges.


II.            Activate the Account

Once the registry information is entered, it is necessary to validate the credit or debit card information that will be used with the Pagadito Account. In case it is a Personal Pagadito Account, the amount of US $1.49 will be charged to your card, this charge will be refunded to your Mi Pagadito Account, while in case of a Pagadito Comercio Account, the charge for credit or debit card validation is include on the registration fee. Then, the user must perform any of the following actions:

1. Register the transaction verification code with Pagadito, it will appear on the card (online or physical) statement.

The user will have 60 days to enter the verification code and activate the account. If the user enters the code incorrectly, Pagadito will give the user 2 more chances to enter it properly. If there are 3 failed attempts to enter the code, the user must request a new code which will generate a new charge of US $1.49 and a second code will be sent to his card statement. The user will have the same amount of time and conditions to enter the new code.

2.  Send images (scanned or photographs) from the front of your card and the front and back of your national identity card or passport.

The images sent from the cards must show the cardholders name and the expiration date; however they must not show the card´s complete number (PAN), only the first 6 digits and the last 4. Also, images from the back of the card will not be required.

This process is designed to validate the ownership of the Payment Method offered by the user and also maintain high security standards within the Pagadito website. While a card has not been validated, it cannot be used in Pagadito.

For Pagadito Comercios it is necesary to complete the validation as a Pagadito Comercio according to the Policies of Use for Pagadito Comercios.


III.            Account Cancellation

A Pagadito user can ask for the cancellation of his account at any moment, as long as he does not have any outstanding payments.